What’s Coming Up in the Next Few Weeks?

I managed to pick up another good haul from Poundland recently which should keep me tiding over for the near future, the best of these, Brainsmasher: A Love Story, deserves some mention simply for the on-box synopsis:

“Sam Crain, a professional model, is asked by her sister to smuggle a package from Europe to Portland, Oregon where she discovers that her sister is battling Chinese Shaolin Monks. Fleeing the monks, Sam unwittingly draws Ed “Brainsmasher” Molloy, a nightclub bouncer, into danger and he ends up rescuing Sam and her sister from the Shaolin’s Ninjas.”

For now, though, the back catalogue remains. For the next few weeks I’ll have the following films on the brain:

Fire Over Israel ‘Based on true events’, this action-thriller from Safecracker Pictures sees an American businessman become embroiled in the Arab-Israeli conflict and stuck in a compromising position behind enemy lines.

Merlin and the War of the Dragon Empire Released by The Asylum and ambitiously described as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, this fantasy adventure promises a lot but offers little pre-viewing knowledge of the plot.

Berserker: Hell’s Warrior Another from Safecracker Pictures, Berserker sounds like a promising Norse mythology action romp. An eternally doomed Viking Warlord must break free of his never-ending curse.

Faces in the Crowd Milla Jovovich (yes that one) stars in this action horror (no, not that one) as a woman who is hunted and haunted by a “faceless evil” desperate to collect her body and soul.

William & Kate: The Movie “A rare, tantalising glimpse behind a gilded curtain into the world’s greatest true-life fairy-tale”…


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