Feast 3: The Happy Finish (2009)

feast 3

I was unacquainted with the Feast series before my viewing of Feast 3: The Happy Finish but despite the plot running straight on from the end of Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds I knew exactly what to expect mere minutes in to the action. Picking up exactly where Sloppy Seconds ends, Feast 3 continues the story of a band of survivors trying to fend against flesh devouring, toothy beasts. Characters such as Biker Girl (Diane Ayala Goldner) and Slasher (Carl Anthony Payne II) return as they attempt to find a way out of the infested town with the help of the mysterious Prophet (Josh Blue).

The result of the television series Project Greenlight, the original Feast was released to average reviews and mediocre box office returns. A cult following blossomed and this support led to the two aforementioned direct-to-DVD sequels. The titles give a good idea of the style of humour here as Feast 3 delivers a crowd-pleasing end to the trilogy.


There is no attempt at politics or philosophy from Feast 3. Director John Gulager knows his audience. Human heads are brutally torn from bodies, blood flows freely, limbs are blown off. One character spends almost the entire film with an exhaust pipe lodged in his head. A character called Jean-Claude Segal gets his remaining arm blown off in an attempt to cauterise a wound with gunpowder (There are even greater silly moments but it would ruin their glory to mention them here.). It all feels ridiculous, a hyperactive child of a film, puerile humour and over-the-top, but well executed, gore thrown together at a frenetic pace.

feast 3-1

When each character is shown on screen for the first time they have a title card containing their name , some brief background information and a statement on their likelihood of survival. A strange quirk that reinforces the cartoonish feeling of the film while simultaneously poking fun at horror cliches. The filmmakers know it is silly, it is plain to see from watching it that it is silly but it is too much fun to ignore.

Beyond that fun there is not much else to say. Running at not much over an hour and ten minutes before the credits and with a straight forward plot, Feast 3 takes away the chance for discussion and instead force feeds the audience a mighty batch of intestines and torn flesh. Far from a classic, Feast 3 is instead a blast, a brief sprint through a bloody nightmare with some genuine laugh out loud moments. 

Director: John Gulager

Main Cast: Diane Ayala Goldner, Josh Blue, Carl Anthony Payne II

Special Features: None

Running Time: 77m


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