Little Noises (1992)

In a completely organic twist of fate the first DVD in line for me to review since the death of the beloved comedian Rik Mayall is one in which the wonderful bastard stars. Little Noises has Rik Mayall in it for a relatively small amount of time and that really is about as good as it gets; VCR quality and terrible structuring quickly vanquished any chance of this being a quirky charmer.

Crispin Glover is the lead playing Joey, a cripplingly awkward, wannabe writer trying to impress his friends, his girlfriend and himself. Mired in financial and personal difficulties Joey, rather than getting a job and giving up on his dream, steals the poetry of a talented deaf-mute poet that he hangs with in the park.

Two good performances in this torrent of mud are not enough to grab attention,however. 1992 is just over 20 years in the past. Little Noises is not a hugely old film but has a terrible, grainy image quality and a lot of unnecessary ambient sound blocking out speech. A shoe string budget is not a bad thing, a lo-fi appeal is something that interests me aesthetically, but this is a different story entirely. Instead of a well filmed but low quality picture we are treated to a badly framed, poorly shot terrible quality picture. 

The running time of 73 minutes and bizarrely structured story arc make me think that there has been a sizable edit from its theatrical release (Wikipedia lists the running time at 110 mins, rotten tomatoes at 91 mins). There is no real time given to developing relationships between the characters. A lot of what happens seems to be unrelated to previous scenes. In particular Marty, the deaf-mute poet, interacts with his brother in a number of scenes that add little to the story and fail to make enough sense to add any sub-plot or back story.

The poor structure and editing of Little Noises washes away any chance of moral or meaning being applied. There appears to be a recurrent theme of greed but the personal consequences of greed in the film appear so fleetingly that it is hard to take a message away; by the conclusion it really is a blessed relief that the run time is so short.

Little Noises, or atleast this particular edit of the film, easily scores at the bottom of the films I have seen so far. Incoherent, uninteresting and amateurish to look at, this is a failure on most basic levels to make a film. One to avoid under all circumstances.


Director: Jane Spencer

Certificate: 12

Main Cast: Crispin Glover, Rik Mayall

Special Features: None



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