The Chaperone (2011) – Professional Wrestler Series



Paul “HHH” Levesque is Ray Bradstone, an ex-convict who attempts to win back the affections of his wife and daughter after 7 years imprisonment. When his initial efforts are roundly rebuffed, Bradstone volunteers to chaperone his daughter’s class on a school trip. At the same time the gang who were involved in the botched heist that landed him in prison rope Bradstone into another job, which he subsequently abandons in order to become the chaperone.

The timing, as it happens, could not be worse for Ray as the loot from the heist finds its way on to the school bus. The police believe Bradstone to be behind the robbery and the criminals, led by Larue (Kevin Corrigan), believe they have been double crossed. Now Ray must balance being a good father with fending off his criminal past.

The film is plainly awful. The PG certification markets the film at a family friendly range, something like a reverse Kindergarten Cop but it just isn’t fun enough. The one last job/estranged daughter/wrongly accused story lines are all well-worn but solid foundations but that is all the film has. There aren’t enough jokes in it to entertain any member of the family. There isn’t enough action in it to make it exciting for any period of time. It fails as both action and comedy.

All that remains to save the film is the relationship between Bradstone and his daughter Sally (Ariel Winter). What the film needed was a challenging but ultimately rewarding struggle to come to terms with their new situation as father and daughter. Instead we get teenage dialogue that is clearly written by an adult trying to impersonate a teenager and a creepy way back in for the father by shoving his daughter in to the lustful hands of a boy who looks considerably older than her.

The Chaperone, unsurprisingly, is another failure to score success for WWE Studios. A supporting cast made up of vaguely familiar faces and a plot compiled of vaguely familiar contrivances make for a damp, dull and dreary journey.

Featured Wrestler : Paul “HHH” Levesque

The Chaperone DvDrip Latino.rmvb_000047057

In amongst the mire of this movie there is a good performance from HHH in his first lead role. He hits his few comic marks quite well but it his ability to appear menacing that really brings the best out. Switching effortlessly from loving father to a hulking, seething mass of rage looks impressive on film and the terrifying presence he creates seems wasted on a family film.

Director: Stephen Herek
Certificate: PG
Main Cast: HHH, Ariel Winter, Kevin Corrigan


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