Knucklehead (2010) – Professional Wrestler Series

Knucklehead is the first film I’ve seen from WWE Studios, the production company started by World Wrestling Entertainment who obviously felt that a solid year of physical punishment was not enough for their superstars to earn a crust.

Walter Krunk ( The Big Show) is the Knucklehead , a clumsy, somewhat dim-witted gentle giant who still lives in the same orphanage in which he was raised working as a handyman. When he accidentally sets the kitchen on fire the orphanage is faced with closure unless they can find the money to repair it. At the same time heartless cynical MMA promoter and gambling addict Eddie Sullivan(Mark Feuerstein) needs a new fighter to win a competition to pay off his gambling debts to a gangster ( Dennis Farina).

The film tries hard to appear movie-like; a cinematic and familiar sounding score opens the film and there are some vaguely recognisable faces that make up the supporting cast, Wendie Malick and Dennis Farina, but beyond the pretence of being a film there is not much of the film that holds up successfully in a cinematic way. The humour is crass and not funny enough, the plot is obvious and the message is well used and lacking in any emotional weight.


Featured Wrestler : Paul Wight a.k.a The Big Show



The Big Show (TBS), and the film in general, only really shine during the in-ring scenes. Understandably TBS looks most comfortable when he is asked to fight in a style fairly similar to that of his wrestling personal, even if that does involve fighting a bear at one point.  Not known for his subtlety TBS really falls apart when asked to act out the gentler side of Walter Krunk. Instead of the emotions of a lost boy who has never been accepted or respected as an adult we get a near offensive performance of a man who appears to not have never developed as an adult.


Director: Michael W. Watkins

Certificate: 12

Main Cast: Paul Wight, Mark Feuerstein, Melora Hardin, Dennis Farina


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